Udderly Ez Goat Milker Kit

By | December 23, 2015

My Method Of Milking A Goat And Handling Raw Milk

My Method Of Milking A Goat And Handling Raw Milk,The UDDERLY EZ MILKER is the safest and most effective hand held, triggeroperated vacuum pump available on the market today. Ideal for the collection of..

Udderly EZ Milker.Udderly EZ Milker..

Udderly EZ Goat/Nigerian Milker..

Udderly EZ Cow Milker.A hand operated vacuum pump to milk or draw colostrum and milk from cows, goats, sheep, mares and many more animals..

Udderly EZ Sheep Milker.flv.To extract colostrum for newborn lambs, and to milk out Ewes to substitute more milk for orphan lambs and build up your own colostrum bank,Prevention and..

Udderly EZ Mare Milker..

Udderly EZ Assembly Cleaning Tutorial

Udderly EZ Assembly Cleaning Tutorial,Assembly and Instructions for Cleaning of the Udderly EZ Milker Pump..

Dansha Farms Battery Powered Vacuum Milking Machine.Dansha Farms Battery Powered Vacuum Milk Machine Milks Goats, Cows, Sheep and Many Other Breeds. Milk Your Mares and Miniatures Get Your Colostrum..

Farmers Beware! Review Of The Dansha Farms Vacuum Cow, Goat And Sheep Milker Hand Milking Machine.Beware of the Dansha Farms Vacuum Cow, Goat and Sheep Milker Hand Milking Machine that features a hidden blob of polyurethane under the lid. The worst..

The Goat Milkers..

Vintage IHC McCormick Deering Milker Vacuum Pump.One of many vintage pumps Ive restored over the years, have to move them to storage to make room in the shop, so I decided to tutorial library them, until I get the..

Rapid Mastitis Test In A Milking Goat.How to perform a Rapid Mastitis Test or RMT and what a positive test for a goat with mastitis looks like. Dairy goats are very different from dairy cows in that their..

Goat.wmv.Me, Daniel Tourigny, learning to milk a goat for the first time at the EcoReality ecovillage on Salt Spring Island. Its a bit tricky and I sure wasnt the speed demon..

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