Saanen Goats Hungary

By | December 23, 2015

Me And My Goats In A Canadian Winter

Me And My Goats In A Canadian Winter,Every winter my girls come into our basement and stay there intil the weather warms up. We have Saanen and Nubian goats.This is one of our short bonding..

Marton Kekesi - Slalom Training - Bankut, Hungary.Marton Kekesis slalom training at Bankut, Hungary..

Golden Guernsey Goat At Hackney City Farm.Golden Guernsey goat at Hackney City Farm..

Boer Goats From South Africa.Boers from South Africa loving Oklahoma..

Why Goats Are Better Than Sheep..

German Goats..

Goat Giving Birth 4 Of 5

Goat Giving Birth 4 Of 5,This is the one where the kid actually pops out..

Goat Made In Albania (fucking Crazy)..

Kalu V/s Lala.....Kalu No 1. Goat..

360 Degree View Of Farm..

Cotentin Donkey - Video Learning - Cotentin donkey, , is a breed of domestic donkey from the Cotentin peninsula, in the dpartement of la Manche, in the Lower Normandy region in..

Pinzgauer Ziege - Jack Und Jolly.Einige Aufnahmen von Jack und Jolly 20.8.2011..

2007 NYSF Toggenburg GCH Lineup.2007 NYSF Toggenburg GCH Lineup..

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