Raising Targhee Goats

By | December 23, 2015

Ewe In The Beginning Stages Of Labor

Ewe In The Beginning Stages Of Labor,Fouryearold TargheeMerino cross ewe in the beginning stages of labor..

How To Shear - Shearing Merino Sheep (Fine Wool).Watch this easy to follow and comprehensive tutorial on shearing fine woolen woollen merino sheep. This tutorial is taken from the Australian Wool Innovations..

Trailing In.Targhee sheep coming in to feed on a bale that was rolled out on the hillside..

Two Plank Productions - Set In Motion.Set In Motion A New Motion Picture Ski Film From Two Plank Productions Crested Butte, CO A summer streaks by, Two Plank Productions is proud to release..

Restoration Of Native Fish Fauna In The Canadian Rockies.Helicopter flight and capture of invasive Brook Trout by means of electrofishing are documented in this tutorial illustrating researcher efforts to determine the..

Cardboard Fox - Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind,.This tutorial was filmed by UKRay The Folk Cafe, Bristol. Photographer and Tutorialgrapher. For Musical localInternational events Raymond..

Grooming A Champion Market Lamb

Grooming A Champion Market Lamb,Get more info online at connecttristates On Facebook facebookkhqa7news On Twitter KHQA twitterkhqa..

Pounding Cow Dung.Crucial step in mudstove building..

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