Pygmy Goats Virginia Beach

By | December 23, 2015

Pharrell Williams Happy Maymont Baby Goats, Richmond, VA HAPPYDAY

Pharrell Williams Happy Maymont Baby Goats, Richmond, VA HAPPYDAY,In honor of International Day of Happiness, March 20, and Pharrell Williams 24 Hours of Happiness initiative, Maymont in Richmond, VA shares something that..

Happy Hawaiian Goats.Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats love the mornings when they are turned out to browse freely on the land. They really enjoy this happy time and I wanted to share it..

CUTE Baby Goats - Skipper, Smudge, And Berry Being Cute At Buc~A~Buc Farm.Baby Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats play and interact..

Urban Goat Keeping In Charlottesville.This film is a reflection of the goat ordinance that was passed on September 7, 2010 in Charlottesville, VA. The film attempts to connect goats with local..


Back Bay Botanicals Rent-A-Chick..

Dixie The Cart Goat At Work Play

Dixie The Cart Goat At Work Play,Dixie appears in Steven Spielbergs 2012 film, Lincoln. Here again is our beloved cart goat taking the girls on a ride, and helping with the tomato harvest..

Extreme Kayaking And More - Great Falls, Virginia.Great Falls, Virginia is a popular hangout for kayaker of all levels. The Potomac River at Great Falls has a very challenging section with a 30 foot waterfall drop,..

Half Man, Half Goat Satan Spawn In Kentucky.Strange things happening in Kentucky! Introducing The goat man of Pope Lick.

Goats That Love Horseback Riding..

Thief Goat.Two goats at the beach o.

Goats Kids Puppies And Kids 2013.The Girls and I went out to Kraigs to see the new baby goats and he also had a litter of 10 Deutsch Drahthaar Puppies. All but one doe got pregnant this year and..

Shelley's Puppies 101..

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