Pygmy Goats New Jersey

By | February 15, 2016

Disorderly Head Butting Goat In Custody

Disorderly Head Butting Goat In Custody,A goat is now in custody after head butting the door of a home in New Jersey. Sean Dowling Seandowlingtv has more on this story. Subscribe to our channel..

Goat's Escape Causes Traffic Jam.goat possibly headed to the slaughterhouse made a daring and dangerous escape into traffic on a busy highway in New Jersey. The surefooted animal..

New Hampshire Red Chicken And Pygmy Goat Best Friends.One of our New Hampshire Chickens, Dominant, is best friends with our pygmy goat, Charm. She enjoys jumping up on his back..

Urban Goat Rides The Subway And Struts The Streets Of NYC.Cocoa the goat spends most of her time at her cottage in New Jersey, but at times this urban goat craves the hustle and bustle of the big city Its clear that this..

Pipsqueak, Pygmy Goat.Pipsqueak, Animal Planet Star..

Carnegie Hall - The Dancing Goats.Carnegie Hall an original tune from New Jersey rockbluesjam band Dancing Goats..

Donkey Sex The Most Bizarre Tradition

Donkey Sex The Most Bizarre Tradition,Watch more episodes of The VICE Guide to Sex here 1eco7na Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the..

New Jersey Chicken Coops Chicken Coops For Sale..

Watch Family Of Bears Holds Backyard Pool Party To Child's Dismay.FRI, AUG 21 A mother bear and her five cubs made a big splash in a New Jersey familys backyard, taking over the pool and even the toys. Theres bears in the..

Bottle Feeding A Baby Pygmy Goat.our goat lolli was rejected by her mother so we brought her down to the house and have been bottle feeding her and keeping her in the house!.

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Pet Owners Fall Head Over Heels For Fainting Goats.Pet Owners Fall HeadOverHeels for Fainting Goats Pet Owners Fall HeadOverHeels for Fainting Goats Pet Owners Fall HeadOverHeels for Fainting Goats..

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