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By | May 27, 2016

Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats Playing

Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats Playing,Tiny Tales Farm PittyPat is our Nigerian Dwarf doe. These are her 2013 triplets two doelings, one buckling playing at 3 days old..

Amazing Painting Goat.houstonzoo Trent, one of the Nigerian Dwarf goats at the Houston Zoos McGovern Childrens Zoo, has learned how to paint. See him express his..

Match Maker?.By Leslie Linthicum Journal Staff Writer CLOVIS We probably all have a preconceived idea of how a road trip with a giraffe is going to go making sure that..

Elephants Paint At The Zoo.Elephants Alice and Rozie got new canvases and fresh paint to create art onTuesday, Feb. 5 at the ABQ BioPark Zoo. Painting is an enrichment activity for..

How Much Would You Pay For Painting By A Goat?.On this Ridiculist, CNNs Anderson Cooper takes a look at how one goat is taking the art world by storm..

Brown Mountain Goats Eating Grass - New Mexico Sandia Mountains.Brown Mountain Goats Eating Grass New Mexico Sandia Mountains..

Our Baby Goat, Moss

Our Baby Goat, Moss,Here is the latest baby born on our farm. His name is Moss and he is a Toggenburg goat kid. He is living with us inside the house because it was too cold out in..

Elsie The Most Beautiful Cow.Real live tutorial of Elsie the cow of Borden Milk. The cow Elsie was at the State Fair of Texas visiting and we got tutorial of her appearance, she was beautiful!.

Final Club - Tragic World.Denton, TX band. They dont suck. Blank Entertainment LP, 2011..

Weird Al At Evergreen State Fair.X.

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