Pygmy Goat With Horns

By | February 7, 2016

Pygmy Goat Grooming

Pygmy Goat Grooming,The goat is trimming her horns till she sees a delicious camera..

Dog House Shelters For Pygmy Goats.Pygmy goats love to scratch themselves on anything fences, branches tree Stumps etc. these dog house shelters have perfect size openings for scratching their..

Goat Head Butting Competition.Two 4 week old Pygmy goat buck kids face off with a head butting competition. My goat, Clyde is wearing the collar. He is playing with his half brother, this is the..

Farm Life - How To Disbud A Baby Goat (aka Removing The Horn Buds).Viewer discretion is advised. Some viewers may find this tutorial uncomfortable to watch. This is a necessary procedure for baby goats and the most humane way..

Billy Goat With Big Horns!.There were a lot of goats at the fair and other animals too, but this guy was the friendliest and most beggarly one of them all! But that could be just because he..

Goat Dehorn.Dr. DeJong performs a dehorn on a baby pygmy goat..

Pygmy Goat Little Bill Fixes An Itch.

Pygmy Goat Little Bill Fixes An Itch.,Happy Day Barnyards Auntie Nan pygmy goat mom and Little Bill her son are enjoying the October sun. Little Bill takes advantage of his mothers horns with..

Crazy Goat With A Funny Tongue.Crazy goat with a funny tongue subscribe for more tutorials VISIT WEBSITE adf.lynjduD Google adf.lyp6tOz LIKE FACEBOOK adf.lynjcUU..

Rabbit Attacks Pygmy Goat!!! (Original).My rabbit was annoyed with one of my pygmy goats, cant remember why, and she tells him so by attacking him. He gives a nod of his horns as if to say Ill get..

Yeno Horned By Pigmy Goat !..

A Herd Of Fainting Goats | Outrageous Acts Of Science.Fainting goats are born with a condition called myotonia congenita, which causes their leg muscles to tense up as part of the fightorflight response. For more..

Kid Goat Disbudding.Kid Goat Disbudding In this tutorial we briefly explain the steps to take in order to complete a successful disbudding. To save time and to make this tutorial seem..

All Horns Or No Horns For Your Goats Is Best.Goats use their horns for regulating heat. We use their horns as handles. If you have goats they should all have their horns or all your goats should be hornless..

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