Nubian Goat T Shirts

By | December 23, 2015


BILLY GOAT IN MY MINI VAN!,SONGSomeone For Everyone ARTIST J Minus Were going to start breeding Nubian dairy goats! So we went on an adventure to get one! Mandy, Mom..

Goats.alpinenubian goat eating a piece of a shirt..

Goats.nubian goat eating a piece of a shirt..

Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.facebookTupacAmaruShakur4ever Get nothin but abuse! Refrain 4x Punks jump up to get beat down! Get nothin but abuse. Sadat X One day..

Nubian Goat Giving Birth. First Kidding 2014- Part C.This is our NOA Nubian Lil Toad Ranch Darla kidding her second twin in her first kidding in March of 2014. I did slightly assist in helping the second twin get its..

2 Billy Goats Eating Material.2 of my nubian bucks eating some material.the first one is eating the last little bit of one of my shirts.the 2nd buck is eating a hanky of mine..

Baby Goat Sneeze Attack

Baby Goat Sneeze Attack,My one week old goat being scared by a fly. via YouTube Capture. This tutorial was uploaded from an Android phone. Baby Goat Screaming Tutorial. Its like Goat..

Goat Eating Shirt.Proof that goats DO eat shirts! Mr. Tate at Goat Lady Farms in NC was trying to give a talk at his goat farm in NC but his goat wouldnt stop eatin his shirt..

My Billy Goat Eating A Piece Of A Shirt..This is a older tutorial of my billy goat Ermac eating a piece of a shirt of mine.he really liked to eat material.he passed away in 2008.he lived to be 12 years old.i..

Baby Goats March 2011.We had three baby goats born March 1st and 2nd 2011 to two mother goats. The brown kid is a LaMancha Boer Nubian mix and the two white kids are half..

3 Yr Old Boy Helping Kid Suck Teat And Goat Climbing Wall.Brand new, day old baby goats kids My 3 year old took it upon himself to put this buck on the teat, it needed help. Then I pan over and notice our Nubian is..

Another Goat Birth On The Homestead, Homesteading, Survival, Prepper, Food Storage.Pull was another of our homestead goat births. They are Pygmy goats, thats why they look so small. We have had Pygmies for 5 years or so now but we have..

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