Nubian Dairy Goats Oklahoma

By | February 15, 2016

How To Trim Goat Hooves

How To Trim Goat Hooves,This is an educational presentation that shows producers how to trim a goat hoof. Dr. Gene Parker shows the tools needed and the process used to trim goat..

Ameraucana Chickens, Americana Chickens, Dwarf Goats For Sale, Raising Baby Chickens.ameraucana chickens, americana chickens, dwarf goats for sale, raising baby chickens boergoatprofitsguide.plus101 Why You Should Raise Goats..

Evening Routine Milking The Dairy Goats | Homestead Kids.Raising goats.whether dairy goats, meat goats or both, is often part of homesteading. Here is a typical evening routine milking the dairy goats. The kids generally..

2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo Doe Goat Show.Sure Champ brings you the 2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo Doe Goat Show Grand Drive tutorial. Visit surechamp to learn how Sure Champ can get your..

Nubian Goats Playing With Kids And Much More!.Nubian goats playing with our kids! Goats are so friendly. And playful too!.

How To Milk A Dancing Dairy Goat - Revisited | Homestead Kids.How To Milk A Dancing Dairy Goat Isnt Easy! While homesteading, milking goats is a common chore. This chore can be either pleasant or not very pleasant..

Kids Milking Goats On The Oregon Homestead Part 2 Belize Family Living

Kids Milking Goats On The Oregon Homestead Part 2 Belize Family Living,Follow along with the kids as they start their morning chores on the farm. There is always a lot to do on the homestead here in Oregon. Starting out with feeding..

2013 Land Of Oz Dairy Goat Show.Junior Doe Kids, Yearling Milkers and Two Year Olds..

Boer/Nubian Goat Birth/Kidding To Triplets.BoerNubian goat giving birth to triplets, 31312..

Dairy Goat Shave.Getting your Dairy Goat ready for the 4H show..

2014 Big E: Best In Show Junior Doe.First half of the Best Junior Doe in Show Class, my photographer didnt get the whole class. The Nubian is our 2nd generation homebred kid, Hops N Loos..

Dairy Goat Shave Part Two.Dairy Goat Shave part two..

Litchfield County 4H Fair Dairy Goat Show: Best Junior Doe.Selection of the Best in Show Junior Doe at the Litchfield County 4H Fair on August 3, 2013. The judge picking our homebred doe, Hops N Lops From the..

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