Nigerian Dwarf Goats With Moonspots

By | December 23, 2015

Baby Goats

Baby Goats,Last night, my sisters goat, Luna, gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Luna is a Nigerian Dwarf. The babies are about 10 hours old in this movie. The female..

Baby Goats Playing! (HD).minidairygoatsforsale Cute baby Nigerian Dwarf goats a mini dairy breed playing outside for the first time. Twin brothers Eli black and white and..

Over The Moon Nigerian Dwarf Goats.Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale New Jersey. InfoDecadentArt..

Farm Alarm Clock-Screaming Goat.Each goat has their own distinct voice. Mostly they are silent unless it is breakfast or dinner time. There is always that one goat in the herd though with a voice..

Moon Spot Nubian Buck Gone Wild For Mate.Nubian Mating season buck gone wild trying to mate with Nubian doe..

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