Nigerian Dwarf Goats Cold Weather

By | December 23, 2015

Corn Husk Fun For Baby Goats And Shih Tzu!

Corn Husk Fun For Baby Goats And Shih Tzu!,The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie Corn Husks These are Yummy! PumpkinAndCookie Mommy brought us a new food to try! This one..

Goat Gave Birth..

Goat Enjoys Sled Ride.We wanted to play in the snow with our pets, but one of them just hates snow. Peppa Lass, our sassy Nigerian Dwarf goat that thinks shes queen, doesnt like to..

Fainting Goats - 1 Week Old, 1st Day Outside.Our mama goat, Millie had 3 kids on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6th. The weather was cold, so they were staying in the basement in a make shift pen..

Amazing Pygmy Goat Triplet Birth.Here is your chance to witness a live birth tutorial of my Pygmy Goat kidding triplets. Keep in mind, my husband and I were complete rookies and this was our..

Getting Along In The Barnyard- Horse, Pony, Donkey, Goats, And Chickens.Welcome to Crazy Ass Acres! We are new to the hobby farm experience starting our farm two years ago in 2010 with half a dozen commercial brown layer..

White Chantecler Chicken Breed

White Chantecler Chicken Breed,The White Chantecler Chicken Breed is hatched by Cackle Hatchery Poultry Breeding Farm for sale at their hatchery. They are known for their hardiness in..

Have You Seen My Little Cutie?.The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie Have You Seen My Little Cutie Starring Cookies N Cream. PumpkinAndCookie Mommy is always..

Walking The Goats On A Sunny Winter Afternoon..I like to take the goats out for a walk when the sun starts warming things up in February. It was so cold this winter, they appreciated it. Plus, they have their new..

House Goats.Pygmy goat babies that had a rough start that we are hand raising and bottlefeeding. As soon as the weather breaks they will join the herd outside, until then my..

GREAT PYRENEES MT DOGS.DESCRIPTION Males grow to 110120 pounds 5054 kg and 2732 inches 6981 cm, while females reach 8090 pounds 3641 kg and 2529 inches..

Super Excited Goat.Mudslide is super excited that the weather is nice this morning..

Lappgetter.wmv.These are Lappgetter, lap goats from Lapland in northern Sweden. They are traditional goats, well adjusted to the harsh, cold climate we face up here in the..

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