Lamancha Goat Breeding Season

By | December 23, 2015

Breeding Season Ivy The Goat Part 2

Breeding Season Ivy The Goat Part 2,Ivy makes new friends, including a certain special friend.

Breeding Season - Ivy The Goat - Part 3.Ivy and her new beau, getting it done..

Goat Mating Season.My buck trying to mate with my doe..

Milking Miss Garnett - A Great Milk Goat.Miss Garnett is Ms Rubys 2nd daughter. Ruby is full blooded Alpine and she was bred to a full blooded Saanen, so Miss Garnett is mixed. She is a great milk..

Goat Mating Call.Its mating season for the goats. The boys are chasing the girls making really funny noises. ENJOY! Copyright MJOrbit 2013..

Etawa Goat Mating.Etawa Goat mating season,.interested..

Breeding Toggenburg Goats

Breeding Toggenburg Goats,In October 2012, we put out Toggenburg buck in with the doe for the first time. On the second day, breeding was successful..

Charley, The Buck (at The Simple Farm) Breeds Lavender, The Doe (goats Breeding).Its breeding season at The Simple Farm and Lavender is ready for a date with Charley the buck. It looks like Charley made a good connection with Lavender..

Cupid &Laura: Breeding Season.Freedom at last thanks to his buck apron. Watch this goats attempts at enticing his lady..

Summer Update #2 - Dairy Goats - Registered Saanen Goats.Summer update 2 weve added pallets to our shelters for the goats to rest on to keep them off the ground when its wet. Weve acquired several new Saanen..

Saanen Goat -- A Goat Breed From Switzerland | India Video.Saanen Goat a goat breed from Switzerland India Tutorial A white or creamcoloured goat breed, Saanen goats hails from the Saanen valley in Switzerland..

Goats Mating.In which John witnesses his parents goats having sex, including all of the weird foreplay that precedes goat sex, like the part where the male goat urinates on..

Our Lovable Goat Family....crazy Failed Mating And.Now we have four milking doe and 3 growing buck.we try to mate them.two of them still milking her.sometime they look like gay. this is our first..

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