Lamancha Dairy Goats Missouri

By | December 23, 2015

Milking LaMancha For The First Time

Milking LaMancha For The First Time,milking lamancha, our goat, for the first time..

What Are The Dairy Goat Breeds?.What are the dairy goat breeds How should you choose your goats This tutorial is a must if you want to know what options you have available when it comes to..

Dairy Goat Clipping For Kidding Season.This is a demonstration of how we clip our dairy goats here on the farm about a week before they are expected to start kidding. All you need is a pair of clippers..

Curly Sue The American LaMancha Goat.Visit us on the Web at SanctuaryOne When rescued goat Curly Sue arrived, she was so shy she would run away anytime a person came near her..

LaMancha Baby Goats Bottle Feeding.Almost Heaven Farms bottle feeding week old LaMancha baby goats..

Sony DLSR HD Video Test - Boer/Lamancha Goats.Testing out the HD tutorial quality on my Sony DLSR. Debating whether to use this for my gameplay tutorials or not. Well see how it turns out..

LaMancha Goat Playing

LaMancha Goat Playing,Cheyenne protecting her spool..

Monkey (lamancha Goat).Monkey jumping around being a goof ball..

Bottle Baby Goat Drinks With Tongue Hanging Out In Slow-mo..

Dairy Goat Bell Kidding 2015...

More Goat Babies! Molly Has Twin Girls.Molly had twins last night! For the last two years she has only had a single baby each time so were we surprised! And so happy that they are girls. Check out..

Heart Of The Ozarks Fair - Goats 7-17-13.Maureen Johnson of Arkansas talks to The Quill about her goats to be entered into the dairy goat show set to begin at 8 a.m., Thursday, July 18, 2013, at the..

Laila's First Day - 12 Week Old Dwarf Nigerian Milking Goat.The day I brought them home they were 12 weeks old This is Laila..

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