Lamancha Dairy Goats In Arkansas

By | December 23, 2015

Heart Of The Ozarks Fair Goats 71713

Heart Of The Ozarks Fair Goats 71713,Maureen Johnson of Arkansas talks to The Quill about her goats to be entered into the dairy goat show set to begin at 8 a.m., Thursday, July 18, 2013, at the..

Arkansas Logger.A brand NEW reality T.V. series to include cast from The Deadliest Catch. A comedy in the making for 2011 from Spoof T.V..

Charley, The Buck (at The Simple Farm) Breeds Lavender, The Doe (goats Breeding).Its breeding season at The Simple Farm and Lavender is ready for a date with Charley the buck. It looks like Charley made a good connection with Lavender..

Signs Of Heat In Goats - The GoatMentor.I get the question How do I tell when my doe is in heat quite often from new owners. One of the main signs is tail flagging. It is hard to describe to someone how..

Oberhasli Goat Kids Playing.Three week old Keyo and Two week old Aqua playing in their pen..

Goats For Sale..

Goats Gone Wild. Total Carnage!!

Goats Gone Wild. Total Carnage!!,If ya never been around a really tame goat. They are great great fun. And so funny to watch. It doesnt take long before you know why they are called KIDS!!.

Barnyard Update - Still No Kids.Anyone care to tell me how many baby goats momma has in there.

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