How High Can Dwarf Goats Jump

By | December 25, 2015

Buttermilk plays With Her friends

Buttermilk plays With Her friends,NEW Lovin Buttermilk Check out her BRANDNEW game for Apple devices Android coming soon! appstorebuttermilkthebouncingbabygoat..

Cute! Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids Runing Jumping &Playing Hard!.Hi. These two kids were born on St. Patricks Day 2009. The reddish gold one is of course Patrick and the cream one with a silver tint is Richard Obrian. They are..

Amazing Baby Goats Can Jump And Slide!.The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie The Amazing Pumpkin and Cookie Can Jump and Slide! PumpkinAndCookie Mommy says her baby..

Kid Pygmy Goat Going Nuts!!.Derby is my old bosss pygmy goat. Derby lost her mum 1 day old so she is bringing her up she is turning out to be a right handfull. This is her in our office..

Nigerian Dwarf Goats; Play Time.In this tutorial I was playing with our baby nigerian dwarf goats. They are jumping on me and treating me like they would their mommas or another adult in the..

Pygmy Goat Jumps Fence..

Pygmy Goat Kid Playing

Pygmy Goat Kid Playing,This is Quaver She is one of our baby goats and was so happy to be dancing and playing, which teaches them the skills of being an agile goat. So much..

Baby Pygmy Goat Jumping On Box.Baby Pygmy goat first time up on high box..

Goat Stampede!.Baby Pygmy Goats running around on our deck..

Miniature Goat Jumping 8 Foot Fence.Our miniature goat jumps an 8 foot fence. They are impossible to keep in..

Baby Goat Sneeze Attack.My one week old goat being scared by a fly. via YouTube Capture. This tutorial was uploaded from an Android phone. Baby Goat Screaming Tutorial. Its like Goat..

Pygmy Goat Baby Playing With Mini Dachshund.She was one of triplets. The only little girl. She was much smaller than her brothers and couldnt compete with them. She had a poor nursing reflex so we syringe..

Baby Pygmy Goat Playing Jumping VERY CUTE.Baby Val, born July 28, 2011, loving life. bluehillfarms..

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