Heritage Dairy Cattle Breeds

By | December 23, 2015

Rare Irish Breeds

Rare Irish Breeds,LIKE this link in order to Champion the cause of these Rare Irish Native Breeds. Pass it on to raise awareness and have as many people as you know also hit..

Karamveer.Karamveer Dairy Farms delight on a splendid heritage of over two decades in commercial dairy farming, cattle breeding and supplying buffalos and cows of high..

Hicks Dairy Farm.mov.Hicks Organic Dairy Farm in North Branch, Michigan raises the Heritage Breed, Dutch Belted Cattle. These are a breed who were designated critical by the..

Rathi Cow : The Popular Milk Breed From Rajasthan (???????? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ???? '????' ).rathi cow PLEASE SHARE IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO ..

Sheep Cheese: Ancient Heritage Dairy.Sheep cheese tastes distinctive, characteristically strong, and very different from cow or goat cheese. On this family sheep farm, the making of cheese reflects a..

MacKillop Natural Highland Beef.An outstanding breed of heritage cattle. Wow!.

Dutch Belted Heifers Cows At Spring Water Farm Paradise PA

Dutch Belted Heifers Cows At Spring Water Farm Paradise PA,juicingart for more pics of Spring Hill farm These beautiful animals are currently heifers, but will soon be Heritage breed Dutch belted cows..

Indian Breed Cows.India. breed Cows are most beneficial than foreign breeds. Save the Heritage Cow breeds. Stop Cow slaughter in India..

What Breed Of Heritage Beef Calf Should I Raise - From Heart 2 Heart Farms (Permaculture).This tutorial is explains the different breeds of cows to raise for beef..

Britney's Milk Cow | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith.Check out more farm animals with Allen playlistlistPL3EA0310D4C37'4Dfeatureviewall Some kids want a pet dog or cat..

A Day At The Cow And Buffalo Healthy Farm.Take a tour of our farm at Nashik..

Hurricane Irene Aftermath: The Story Of Maple Downs Farm | Food.curated. | Reserve Channel.David Denise have been farming all their life. They make a living raising heritage breed Holstein cattle to supply not just fresh local dairy to our markets, but..

Red Angus And Jersey Cross Herd.Red Angus and Jersey cross herd. Herd sire Jim Bob. 100 Red Angus as far as I knew, a lent bull for like 6 years. Cows are Jersey or half Jersey, half or..

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