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By | January 30, 2016


HOMEMADE HANDPUMP GOAT MILKER,This is built like the henrymilke, but only had a litte over $30 invested in it. It works good and fast when they have a full udder, but at the end i had to do it by hand..

Homemade Hand Pump Goat Milker.Demonstration Only. Follow the links provided to see the blog where we show the parts and how it was made..

Dansha Farms Vacuum Goat And Cow Milker Manual Milking Machine.Beware of the Dansha Farms Vacuum Cow, Goat and Sheep Milker Hand Milking Machine that features a foul smelling blob of polyurethane under the lid..

Farmers Beware! Review Of The Dansha Farms Vacuum Cow, Goat And Sheep Milker Hand Milking Machine.Beware of the Dansha Farms Vacuum Cow, Goat and Sheep Milker Hand Milking Machine that features a hidden blob of polyurethane under the lid. The worst..

Hand Milking Goat With Dansha Farms Hand Milker.Roxy the Nubian goat is from Arrow and Oaks Farm. We are goat sitting for a few days and getting a quart of milk daily..

How To Hand- Milk A Goat, By Alayna May.This is a basic tutorial on goat milking. It includes washing, dealing with kicking, and straining. For more info regarding our small, naturallyrun family farm,..

Backyard Goat Milker

Backyard Goat Milker,Backyard goat milker, using a vacuum hand pump, useful for the small herdsman. Buy this product, and more, at our website..

Goat Milking With Hand Milker.Short tutorial showing routine that Spice and Ginger are use to for milking. I use a hand milker on these Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. This does not supply..

Goat Milking Movie.Milking Nigerian Dwarf goats, even with hand problems. Features milking routine and procedure quick and easy milk pen set up how to handle kicking goat..

How To Milk A Goat With A Portable Milking Machine.We milk 7 goats each day, a very small operation and its for our personal consumption. Seven goats are a bit much for us to milk by hand so we invested in a..

Cheap Goat Milking Machine.I have about $200 into this, surgery milker from eBay, scrap tankless air compressor that has reed valves, I use the gallon jar so I dont have to clean the big pot..

DanshaFarms Hand-held Milking Machine Review.Feeling a litle under the weather please bear with me folks. Man, Im so glad I seldom get a virus or anything. I forgot how annoying it is... My link to the..

Goat Milking Squirt Gun Goat Milker Contraption Thingy.permies Monica, of wits end farm in Victor, Montana shows off a maggidans hand milker a milking machinelikecontraption that looks like a..

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