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By | December 23, 2015

Fainting Goats!

Fainting Goats!,Missing their traditional grub, two Kenyan guys visit a Texas farm to buy a goat. But these goats arent like the goats back home! Two Kenyan Guys Taking on..

Kenyan Herders: How Bracelets, Bunching Goats, And Mathematics Are Changing Lives.Naitumu is one of four wives. A mother of five children. Watch how she and members of the Samburu people in northern Kenya are improving their lives by..

Improving Lives In Kenya, One Goat At A Time.Carolyn Lesorogol, Associate Professor at the GWB School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis talks about her intervention to incorporate highly..

Hedley And The Goat.JUNO Award winners Hedley travel to Kenya to learn how far 50 dollars takes them in their quest to buy the perfect goat and change a familys life forever..

Smart Farm - Dairy Goat Farming.Rearing goats for meat has been a predominant source of livelihood for many livestock farmers in Kenya. But there are a few farmers who have discovered the..

On The Farm: Goat Rearing.ntvuganda.co.ug It is rare to see any goat rearing in commercial quantity for meat or milk in the many parts of Uganda leaving many to depend on..

Boer Goats South African Origin

Boer Goats South African Origin,.

The Frontier: Dairy Business That Started With 11 Cows Now Thriving Dairy Farm.Agriculture to this day is considered the backbone of the kenyan economy. Modernizing the sector however is considered as the surest way of improving the..

Man Jailed For 10 Years For Defiling Goat.Man jailed for 10 years for defiling goat Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 247 on ktnkenya.tv Follow us on twitterktnkenya Like..

Young Kenyan Lawyer To 'Book' U.S. President's First-Born Daughter.A Nairobi lawyer is about to make a formal proposal to the family of US President Barack Obama to book their 16yearold daughter Malia Obama for marriage..

Techfarm Tours $ Travel Kenya - Goat Farming In Holand..

The Famous Kimalel Goat Auction Set To Kick Off On 20th December.Baringo county governor Benjamin Cheboi has called on residents of Baringo to come out in large numbers in order to participate the famous Kimalel goat..

Isiolo Goat Project.The semi arid nature of Isiolo district frequently leads to crop failure which greatly impacts on the household food security situation for about 90 of its..

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