Goat Farmers Western Australia

By | December 23, 2015

Goat Farm MTB Park Todd Madsen Downhill Mountain Biking

Goat Farm MTB Park Todd Madsen Downhill Mountain Biking,This episode follows Todd Madsen as he heads to the Goat Farm mountain bike park in Perth, Western Australia. Luke Ball also makes an appearance when..

Jump Track, The Goat Farm MTB Park, Perth WA..

The Goat Farm MTB (Western Australia).Hi everyone, this is a new tutorial, mountain biking. I think this has been edited much better than my previous tutorials. It was a great day, and i recommend going..

WA State Downhill Championships 2014 Goat Farm Clip.The 2014 WA State Championships was organised by Peel Districts Mountain Bike Club and went off in August. The race saw Shane Wode and Chelsea..


Goat Farm Western Australia 20/9/09.me jumping the 4x track at goat farm..

Goat Farm Mtb Edit GoPro HD

Goat Farm Mtb Edit GoPro HD,Goat Farm Mtb in Western Australia..

Goat Farm Mtbing.trying to nail our favourite tracks at the Goat Farm in Midland Western Australia. in my opinion these are some of the best trails in WA..

WA State Downhill #2 2015 By PDMBC At The Goat Farm Qualy Run.This is my qualification run from the State DH 2 at the Goat Farm. This was before the crowd got ultra rowdy in the rock garden hahah! Awesome course and an..

2015 WA State Dh #2 Goat Farm Course Preview...or Is It?.2015 WA state dh 2 Goat Farm course preview presented by PDMBC. Got totally lost so your guess is as good as mine!.

WA Downhill State Championships, Goat Farm - GoPro.My last practice run from the 2014 WA State Championships on the 31st of August 2014..

Goat Farm 4x Mountain Bike Track , Featuring The Goat Farm Bandit...The Goat Farm, a 4x track located North East of Perth, Western Australia. Featuring the Goat Farm Bandit..

Goat Farm Mountain Biking.First time at Goat Farm, Greenmount Western Australia..

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