Fleckvieh Dairy Cattle Kenya

By | March 11, 2016


FLECKVIEH BREED SUCCEEDS IN KENYA,A success story of Fleckvieh breed in Kenya. Try the breed today before it is too late. We have distributorship all over the country. For more information, Visit our..

Fleckvieh Potential To Farmers In Kenya - Show Teaser.A Fleckvieh cow is a huge stout cow that is good for milk and good for beef. This breed has become one of the most popular breed worldwide because of its high..

Entrepreneur: Cattle Breeding Business.abndigital ABNs Loise Wachira speaks with Gerard Besseling, Director at Fleckvieh Genetics, who has ventured into a relatively new dual purpose..

Kilimo Biashara #27 Fleckvieh Cows..

Fleckvieh X Holstein Crossbreeding For Dairy Farms..

Erina, Super Fleckvieh Cow!.Milk production to date,122000 Kg, Cell count 75000, Highest Lactation 7th, 12025kg. Inter Calving Period 373 days. 14 calves from 18 inseminations..

Eerste Keuring Nederlands Fleckvieh Op Fleckviehbasis Melkvee.nl

Eerste Keuring Nederlands Fleckvieh Op Fleckviehbasis Melkvee.nl,De Duitse inspecteur Hans Stadtler bezocht samen met hoofdinspecteur Bernhard Luntz onlangs het melkveebedrijf van Fleckviehpionier Jan Jansen in het..

Fleckvieh Cows....several fleckvieh cows..

Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa.Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa Cows Tutorial..

Kenyan Prime Minister Chased By Cow.A cow makes Raila Odinga run for his life..

Fleckvieh Cows And Calves.Four Starr Simmentals over half of these cows are polled and the other half are first calf heifers..

#FARMTALK: Dairy Farming; The Cow Is Always Right.What does it take to do dairy farming Is it about having a few cows and setting them free in the fields Or paying attention to their needs, including what they eat,..

0 Grazing Dairy Cattle In Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.This 80 year old gentleman from Kisumu in western Kenya has raised these dairy cows in Mathare Slum in Nairobi Kenya with the zero grazing method,..

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