Dairy Goats Oklahoma

By | May 16, 2016

Boy Milking A Dairy Goat Evening Routine Homestead Kids

Boy Milking A Dairy Goat Evening Routine Homestead Kids,The boy is milking Elsie the dairy goat for the evening milking routine. His hands arent as strong as his sisters yet she has been milking the goats much more..

Dairy Goat Shave.Getting your Dairy Goat ready for the 4H show..

2013 Land Of Oz Dairy Goat Show.Junior Doe Kids, Yearling Milkers and Two Year Olds..

How To Milk A Dancing Dairy Goat - Revisited | Homestead Kids.How To Milk A Dancing Dairy Goat Isnt Easy! While homesteading, milking goats is a common chore. This chore can be either pleasant or not very pleasant..

New Fad Sweeping Oklahoma.Theres a new fad sweeping the state and its goat cheese. See how one dairy is adding value to their product..

How To Properly Show Your Goat.How to Properly Show Your Goat with Roxane McCoy, Tinks Magical Alpines. Pointers to know when you enter the show arena..

Running With Baby Goats

Running With Baby Goats,.

Visit To A Farm And Goats | Homestead Kids.Today the family took a break from homesteading and went to visit Heidihaus farm. They have a nice variety of milk goats there as well as a Boer and chickens..

Cheese Making School.Steve Zeng, Food Technologist and Dairy Extension Specialist from Langston University in Oklahoma, teaches cheese making techniques and goat cheese..

Sure Champ - Doe Goat Show - Oklahoma Youth Expo.Watch as the Grand and Reserve Champion Doe Goats are selected at the 2011 Oklahoma Youth Expo brought to you by Sure Champ. Be sure to check out..

Kids Milking Goats On The Oregon Homestead - Part 2 | Belize Family Living.Follow along with the kids as they start their morning chores on the farm. There is always a lot to do on the homestead here in Oregon. Starting out with feeding..

Homemade Goat Milking Machine.diymilkingmachine Tutorial shows step by step how to easily assemble a homemade goat milking machine. Learn exactly what tools and parts are..

Drought And Dairy Goats.This is a short scene of 30 Dairy Goats in South Australia, coming up to their owner looking for feed, as you can see there is none around, 4 years of drought in..

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