Dairy Goat Registry

By | December 23, 2015

Goats And Other Creatures

Goats And Other Creatures,Tansy is a grade Boer doe paint, her son is Buckshot. Cinnamon is a grade Boer and Nubian mix from a dairy herd. Her udder is small because I dont milk her,..

Carmen's Birth.This is the birth of Micaela and Merrimee, Carmens twin doelings born Jan. 19, 2009. ARMCH Antiquity Oaks Carmen D is a Nigerian dwarf goat and has..

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Tattoo Ears.Here we are painting the Nigerian Dwarf ears and tattooing them. Green ink is applied, and then they are marked with a letternumber combination to identify..

Tattooing A Goat By Freedom Star Farm.Tattooing a baby goat doe kid. Goat must be tattooed or ear tagged by USDA rules for identification reasons. Always be sure to have your tools sanitary since..

From Farm To Market: Improving Uganda's Dairy Industry..

Baby Monkey.PLEASE HELP SUPPOST MY WORK HERE ON YOUTUBE ! My Paypal 11lWw82. Items We Need to Continue Making Tutorials..

Corsican Cattle Tutorial Learning WizScience

Corsican Cattle Tutorial Learning WizScience,Corsican Cattle or Corsicana is a French cattle breed. Corsican Cattle is the only native cattle to the island of Corsica. There is no breed registry and therefore..

VNA Commercial.wmv.The Visiting Nurse Association commercial..

Bakra Loves Bakri.A tutorial captured in natural position of Goats. making Love..

Best Baby Formula Ever!!!.Best formula for babies with sensitive tummies like my baby girl. Try this out! You will love it! Products Mentioned Babys Only Organic Formula..


Historic Wauseon Home May Be Demolished After Propane Tank Explosion 5pm VOSOT.Christine Long reports The owner of a more than 130yearold home in Wauseon remains in the hospital Tuesday evening after a propane tank blew up inside..

Minecraft Eden | Tragedy | Episode 33.BEGINNING IS A BIT MESSED UP, BUT IT FIXES ITSELF. Hey guys welcome to Episode 33 of Minecraft Eden! Super sad stuff happened To find out what..

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