Dairy Goat Extension

By | June 11, 2016

Dairy Goat Milking Procedures

Dairy Goat Milking Procedures,.

4 H Goat Showmanship.The basics of 4H Goat Showmanship..

4-H Teaches Emily Ann Barachkov, How To Run A Successful Dairy Goat Business.(part 1)By Christa Pynn.For more educational stories of amazing pets and people visit animalkrackersmonthly Produced by Christa Pynn Mission Statement 4H empowers..

2015 Lancaster County Super Fair - 4-H Dairy/Pygmy Goat Show.4H youth show their dairy goats and pygmy miniature goats. In the showmanship classes, 4Hers are judged on their ability to handle and present their goat..

4-H Teaches Emily Ann Barachkov, How To Run A Successful Dairy Goat Business.(Part 2)by Christa Pynn.animalkrackersmonthly Produced by Christa Pynn For more educational stories on real people and real pets! Mission 4H empowers youth to reach..

Feeding Kids On A Canadian Dairy Goat Farm.Watch David, the son of Canadian goat farmers Jim and Silvia, talk about how and what he feeds the kids in the kid barn. You can tour their farm by visiting..

Raising Dairy Goats Goat Culling For Herd Health

Raising Dairy Goats Goat Culling For Herd Health,Home butchering dairy goats to cull the herd can be a sad thought, but dairy farmers must control numbers. Learn to raise goats for meat from an organic farmer..

Senior Goat SHOWMANSHIP Class.A senior goat showmanship class judged by ADGA Judge Tom Considine. I actually end up winning .

Sheldon Family Farm &Dairy.Clemson Extension Agent Amanda McNulty and host of Making It Grow! travels to Sheldon, SC where this family farm that produces goat milk soap is also..

U Of M Extension Experts Give Tips For Goat Farmers.University of Minnesota extension educators are helping goat farmers refine their process and also help new farmers interested in starting a goat farm..

La Serpentina Dairy Goat Farm.La Serpentina Dairy Goat Farm near Queretaro..

Making It Grow! 9-30-14.Clemson Extension Agent and Host Amanda McNulty will be joined on the panel by fellow Clemson Agent Trish DeHond and from The A.C. Moore Herbarium..

Cheese Making School.Steve Zeng, Food Technologist and Dairy Extension Specialist from Langston University in Oklahoma, teaches cheese making techniques and goat cheese..

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