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By | December 23, 2015

Boer Goat Farm At Phaltan Maharashtra

Boer Goat Farm At Phaltan Maharashtra,This Goat Farm in Phaltan Maharashtra is specialized in rearing and breeding Boer Goats. Its a nicely maintained farm and worth a visit. Read more about this..

How To Trim Goat Hooves.This is an educational presentation that shows producers how to trim a goat hoof. Dr. Gene Parker shows the tools needed and the process used to trim goat..

Goat Shows Tiger Who Is Boss At Russian Zoo.Timur the goat was sent into a tiger enclosure to become dinner, but ended up showing Amur the Tiger whos boss by chasing the cat around the enclosure and..

Goats Recycling Christmas Trees.Our Boer goat does are cleaning up the Christmas trees from the neighbors as a public service. OK. Maybe its a supplement to the hay and grain while we have..

Body Condition Scores In Goats.This tutorial describes how to evaluate body condition score in goats. Body condition scoring BCS is a simple, fast method of assessing the overall condition,..

Goat Boy Fight Club + More..

Bn D Boer Ging, D Bch Tho, D Boer Lai

Bn D Boer Ging, D Bch Tho, D Boer Lai,Bn d boer ging, d bch tho, d boer lai..

Goat Shelter, Goat Pen, Affordable And Cute, Also Chicken Coops From Goat Barn is a perfect goat shelter and incorporating pen is easy as well. Sized perfect as a sheep shelter or goat shelter, also used as pig house, pig..

Bn D Boer, D Bch Th?o, D Bch Th?o Lai Boer G(4).Bn d boer, d bch tho, d bch tho lai boer gi r C bn d by gi c tha thun. Hin ang c by 72 d gm 10 con d boer 44 d lai v 18 d bch..

Abhainn Ri Sheep Shearing.3gp.Shearing the Jacob Sheep at Abhainn Ri Farm..

Normaal - Oerend Hard (live).Een liveopname van de grootste hit van Normaal Oerend hard Afkomstig van de dvd Ik kom altied weer terug Ik zegge oeh! oeh! Ik zegge aah! aah!.

Normaal - Weekend.Maandagmorgen stoaj op met een zere kop De bek zo dreug en de baas belt ow op Kom ij nog werken of hej liever WW Hij gunt ow niet ens effen tied..

Goat - Kambing Beranak 3 Kepala Di Kab Malang.Penanganan Kambing Pasca Beranak. Kebanyakan peternak kambing tidak begitu memperhatikan kambingnya secara baik setelah beranak. Mereka..

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