Boer Goats Rams

By | December 23, 2015

Northern Cape Speckled Indigenous Goat Ram Sold On Auction

Northern Cape Speckled Indigenous Goat Ram Sold On Auction,During the Pretoria Spring Exhibition a Northern Cape Speckled indigenous goats ram sold on auction. Except for many imported breeds, South Africa does..

ME GETTING ATTACKED BY A GOAT!!!.."I Almost Died Yall".I know you want to laugh, BUT. I was scared for my life. I was visiting my dad in Tulsa, Oklahoma and this ugly ass goat didnt like the way I was talking to him..

Billy Goat, Ram And Heifer All Headbutting.This is our boer buck and our suffolk ram with our blue roan heifer head butting and rough housing in the field. Based on size who would have thought that the..

Kalahari Red Goat Ram 'Russel', Piet Coetzee (Namibia) 2015 Namibia National Breeder of Champions. Russel was the 2014 Namibia Reserve Grand Champion and became the Namibia National Grand..

Australian Dorper/Van Rooy Sheep And Boer Goats In Pakistan.The first Dorper rams, Van Rooy x Dorper Crossbred ewes and Boer goats were introduced to Pakistan in March 2008. They have adapted well to their new..

Goats Go Crazy At Central Florida Zoo In Sanford Head Butting Long Tongue Cow, &Funny Toddlers.In this American Tourist Tutorial we visit the Central Florida Zoo Botanical Gardens in Sanford, Florida. Check out the Boer Goats and Pygmy Goats ram each..

Toggenburg Dairy Goats In Quarantine For Botswana

Toggenburg Dairy Goats In Quarantine For Botswana,A pair of Toggenburg Dairy Goats a ram and a doe waiting in Quarantine near Pretoria South Africa for Botswana. Toggenburgs are larger in size, moderate in..

Crazy Goats Terrorizes People In Brazil!.Goats all over ramming people for no reason..

Anatolian Shepherd Dog MUFASA 4 Growing Up.Mufasa, our anatolian shepherd dog, is about 4 months old now. He stayed with 40 boer goat ewes and a ram Bismarck since 6 weeks old. He is very playfull..

Nimbkar Boer Goat Farm 4 : Husbandry(Caring).Husbandry of Goats..

Get Off My Slide!!- Baby Boer Goats Playing..Heres some of our babys playing again. This is to CUTE! Trying to push each other off the home made slide..

Bhaijan (boer) Vs Usama (saneen).....goat Fight.......PART 1..

Rock-Climbing Goats.World Wide Web Daredevls SAT FEB 4 730P etpt animals.nationalgeographicanimals Nimblefooted goats scale cliffs with over sixtydegree..

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