Boer Goats Liberty Hill Tx

By | December 23, 2015

Ellie The Orphan Filly Her Goat

Ellie The Orphan Filly Her Goat,Ellie is a beautiful Paint filly whose mom got very sick while she was pregnant. She survived only a short time after Ellie was born so her owner put a goat named..

Somalian Refugees Goat Herding.Inside The Story Somalian Refugees Bring Goat Herding to the Utah Economy KUTV Somalian refugees are trying to grow the economy with goat ranches in..

Ayers Brook Goat Dairy - Vision Becomes Reality.In 2012, Vermont Creamery partnered with the High Meadows Fund, the John Merck Fund and the Castanea Foundation to purchase historic farmland that..

Goat Barn Mayhem.Kids, ages 4 12 and 5 12 weeks, causing mayhem in the barn with Connie..

Texas Agriculture Tax Exemption Changes For 2012.ALERT! TEXAS AG TAX EXEMPTION CHANGES! Effective January 1, 2012 customers claiming an exemption for Texas agricultural operations must obtain a..

Show Horses @ Albert County Fair.Horuses and carts Albert County Fair..

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