Boer Goats And Cold Weather

By | December 23, 2015

How To Cure Bottle Jaw worms Anemia In Goats

How To Cure Bottle Jaw worms Anemia In Goats,Sarah is a Boer fullblood over 5 years old with several generations of twins produced for us over the years about 4 kids per year from her. This year, due to an..

Shearing A Pygora Goat.Shearing a Pygora Goat is easy with practice. Timing of shearing depends on many factors which include, the individual goat, fleece type, weather, and location..

Goat Gave Birth..

Goats Update Feb 2015.This is a goat update. I have two goats that will be kidding any day now so I moved them into the garage so they are separated from the other goats and because..


Rearing The Llama.Dairy products form a major part of Kenyans diet. Thus the common practice of keeping the animals that have become part of the Kenyan culture cattle , sheep..

Baby Goats Playing

Baby Goats Playing,cute baby goats playing in the cold winter morning sunlight..

Trying To Save Two Dying New Born Lambs From Cold Wet And Windy Weather - Part 1.Trying to Save Two Dying New Born Lambs from Cold Wet and Windy Weather Winter Lamb Losses Great Southern Western Australia 10 May 2013 Part 1..

Amazing Pygmy Goat Triplet Birth.Here is your chance to witness a live birth tutorial of my Pygmy Goat kidding triplets. Keep in mind, my husband and I were complete rookies and this was our..

Walking The Goats On A Sunny Winter Afternoon..I like to take the goats out for a walk when the sun starts warming things up in February. It was so cold this winter, they appreciated it. Plus, they have their new..

A Winter Afternoon With The Goats.....

Goats That Yell Like Humans.Original tutorial youtu.bePpccpglnNf0..

Me And My Goats In A Canadian Winter.Every winter my girls come into our basement and stay there intil the weather warms up. We have Saanen and Nubian goats.This is one of our short bonding..

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