Boer Goat Judging Scorecard

By | December 23, 2015

4 H Goat Showmanship

4 H Goat Showmanship,The basics of 4H Goat Showmanship..

Goat Showmanship..

How To Catch A Boer Goat. Lol..Our pet goat..

Boer Goat Body From Almasoomtrade..

Senior Goat SHOWMANSHIP Class.A senior goat showmanship class judged by ADGA Judge Tom Considine. I actually end up winning .

Goat Judging.County fair goat judging..

How To Exercise A Goat!

How To Exercise A Goat!,This tutorial was uploaded from an Android phone..

Goat Managment Presentation 1 Of 4.Dr. Hatcher covers basic goat management practices in this powerpoint presentation..

Importance Of Including Calcium Suppliment In Goats.The importance and significance of providing calcium suppliments for improving the nutrition of goats..

Selecting A Show Goat, Tips On What To Look For During Selection..

The Mexican Goat Whisperer (1/2).Lindsay talking to the goats near Zacatitos, BCS, Mexico..

Goat Pasture.Goat Pastures at Runningriverranch..

2010 Commissioner's Classic Market Goat Championship.Alabama 2010 Commissioners Classic Market Goat Championship drive Judge Troy Veal..

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