Angora Goats Southern Oregon

By | December 23, 2015

Harry Truman Baby Goat

Harry Truman Baby Goat,Five days after Harry Trumans birth to pygmyangora and pygmy goat parents, his owner Maryann Sullivan reported him missing. Harry Truman the goat was..

Golden Guernsey Goats..

Bryan The Baby Barbados Sheep.Visit us at SanctuaryOne. Bryan, a Barbados sheep, came into the world on a sad note. His mother rejected him at birth, and actually attacked him,..


Mathew Shearing Rosemary.rosemary is being very good girl when she is getting sheared mathew is very good at it no kicking mathew rosemary sat still like a good girl raining lions and..

Small Farm Central: Pittsburgh Innovators Profile.Founded by Simon Huntley, Small Farm Central is a technology company based in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that has been..

Buffalo Harvest

Buffalo Harvest,Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and Portage College presents Buffalo Harvest. A short documentary on the traditional way of harvesting buffalo. Filmed on..

Playing In The Snow Cria Style.Alpaca crias playing in the snow at Alpacas from MaRS..

Fabrice Et Marie Chevriers Bio Du Marché Bio De Pau.Fabrice vend ses fromages de chvre certifis biologiques au march bio de Pau tous les samedis matin..

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