Angora Goats In Alberta

By | December 23, 2015

Goatsheep Fittinghoof Trimmingmilkingshearing Lift Stand

Goatsheep Fittinghoof Trimmingmilkingshearing Lift Stand,Our new and improved stanchion splittoeranch Theese stands are great for fitting, hoof trimming, milking, or shearing. They lift from 5 to 32, with a..

Stillwater Mohair Dressage Girth &English Girth.Mohair, sheered from Angora goats, is one of the strongest, softest, and most manageable of fibers to create the most durable and beautiful girths on the market..

Buffalo Harvest.Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and Portage College presents Buffalo Harvest. A short documentary on the traditional way of harvesting buffalo. Filmed on..

Watch Emma Deliver Baby Goats!.March 25th, Emmas goat Nancy is in labor and about to give birth. Emma was there for the whole process. I took out the major blood and gooy parts but I left..

The Life Of A Canadian Market Goat Farm Family.In this tutorial, youll hear Canadian goat farmers Adrian and Bonnie talk about their farm, why they chose to raise goats and their future as goat farmers..

Goat Stampede.Petting zoo in Victoria, BC has a goat stampede at feeding time!.

Happy Farms Free Range Goats

Happy Farms Free Range Goats,Happy goats clearing camp site..

Pygora Goat Baby Kids Playing 28 Hours Old.Hotlips Hottie the pygora had twins on 8222010. Radar a buckling was 4 lbs 6 oz and Nurse Ginger or Ginger a doeling was 3 lbs 8 oz. They are perfect..

R Family Farm's Goat &Chicken Presentation At Woodstock Farmers Market.Cindee Robinson from R Family Farm spoke to folks at the Woodstock Farmers Market about their goats, chickens and eggs. She brought some dayold goats..

Francis Lake / Glacier National Park / August 30 &31, 2012.We took the boat from the Town of Waterton, Alberta, Canada, to the US side on the southern end of Waterton Lake to Goat Haunt, We then marched struggled..

Let's Go Outdoors: Antelope Fencing Project.At team of volunteers works on a unique fencing project that benefits wild antelope in southern Alberta..

Stampede Goats..

Nice Looking Saanen Dairy Goat.On a Goat dairy farm in Australia, saying helo to the does. Quality Goats for sale..

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