Angora Goat Rescue

By | December 23, 2015

Sunnybrook Goat Rescue Farm Vlog 15

Sunnybrook Goat Rescue Farm Vlog 15,My eleven goats are my pets. The oldest is Olga at 9 years old and the youngest is Hannah at 7 years old. Olga, Tessie and Jane are retired dairy goats. Crinkle..

Little Baby Angora Goats.Just born a couple of hours ago. Born at the Hidden Cave Rescue KY..

Goats Ramming Heads - Sunnybrook Goat Rescue (Vlogette).It is unusual that I have a tutorial camera at the time that my goats decide to do this. The normal ramming is very loud, this was actually minor. I can sometimes..

Amazing Goat Stunt - Sunnybrook Rescue Goats..

Baby Goats 4 Months Old - Protective Mothers - Sunnybrook Goat Rescue (Vlogette).These are my goats, which the original five were rescues and were pregnant at the time of being saved. Vet said they would never give birth due to their severely..

10 Depressed Goats - Sunnybrook Rescue Goats (Vlog #29)..

Alexandra Bastedos ABC Animal Sanctuary.wmv

Alexandra Bastedos ABC Animal Sanctuary.wmv,Alexandra Bastedo, star of The Champions television series and wellknown actress of stage and screen, has been tirelessly rescuing and rehoming animals..

Goat Shearing.Visit us on the Web at SanctuaryOne In this tutorial, shearer Lori Chowning llamashearing gives an Angora goat his annual haircut..

Angora Goat.Apraksts..

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Catch Up On The Latest News With Selina Scott.TV presenter Selina Scott tells us why she left the media world for a life on the farm and why she loves her animals Born in North Yorkshire, as the eldest of five..

Sarplaninec Livestock Guardian Dogs Bonding With Angora Goat Charges.Angora Weed Werks Sarplaninec Guardian Dogs Garmin Alpha Dog 100 Collar System Livestock Guardian Dog Training and Behavior Observations Bonding..

Wolf Sanctuary - 17 Sept 2013.While we were waiting for the Great Whites to show up that morning, we were chatting to a guy from Ireland who recommended this place. So we decided to..

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