Angora Goat Pelt

By | June 9, 2016

Pelt 5

Pelt 5,.

Pelt 4..

Pelt 1.Angora Goat Pelt..

Angora Goat Shearing 1.How to shear an angora goat. Margaret has been shearing her own herd of 100 angora goats for the last 25 years. She shears the goats for us, too, at Red..

Pelt 3..

Dancing Angora Goats | Pure American Naturals.The 190 acres of rolling hills and idyllic dells of The Glen Cauffman Farm are home to over one hundred beautiful, healthy and happy Angora goats that are..

Little Baby Angora Goats

Little Baby Angora Goats,Just born a couple of hours ago. Born at the Hidden Cave Rescue KY..

Our Angora Goats Running Down To The Cabin And Fresh Grazing.Angora goats..

Angora Goat Babies. 36 Hours Old..

Angora Goats 48 Hours Old..

How To Skin And Tan An Angora Rabbit Part 1.via YouTube Capture..

Tanning Hides.How to tan hides. Tanning rabbit hides You can buy food grade Alum where canning supplies are sold I recommend Aluminum Sulphate, which can be found at..

Needle Felting Instruction: Bunny Puff Episode 3, Adding The Angora By Sarafina Fiber Art.Its time to finish your bunny puff! Sara demonstrates how to use woodles as staples to attach the angora. This is an excellent beginner project. Be sure to also..

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