Alpine Goats Dam

By | December 23, 2015

CINGINO Stambecchi In Bilico Sulla Parete Della Diga. Alpine Ibex In Balance On The Dams Wall.

CINGINO Stambecchi In Bilico Sulla Parete Della Diga. Alpine Ibex In Balance On The Dams Wall.,Una passeggiata UNICA. Uno spettacolo della Natura. Agosto 2013 19 km di sentiero anche roccioso, 1000 metri di dislivello, 9 ore di cammino. Ne valeva la..

Amazing Goat On Vertical Face Of Arjuna's Penance.This young goat struggled to find its way back to its mom. It was amazing how it seemed to stick like glue to the smooth and nearly vertical wall. Tutorial taken..

Stambecchi Sulla Diga Di Cingino - Alpine Ibex Graze On Salt On The Face Of Cingino's Dam..

Goats Climb A Dam.Goats Climbing the 160ft nearvertical wall of Cingino Dam in Italy! Find out why TXk4kA..

Beautiful Mountain Alps: Wild Goats Fighting (Alpine Ibex).Beautiful Mountain Alps Wild Goats Fighting Alpine Ibex Taken with a Canon 600 mm telephoto with a tripod and 5D Mk III with ML. Ibex are wild goats that live..

Rock-Climbing Goats.The nubian ibex, a desertdwelling goat, can scale near vertical cliffs. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! 1Adl6ht More info tutorials..

Alpine Ibexes Scale Dam Cingino

Alpine Ibexes Scale Dam Cingino,This amazing herd of alpine ibexes live near a dam in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy and have recently started climbing the brick dam much..

Unbeliable Mountain Goats Jumping Down From 50 Meters!!!.more tutorial eksihaber..

Birth Of A Baby Goat.GoatMilkStuff Witness the birth of a baby goat! We filmed the birth of Patriot, an alpine goat buckling. He was a big kid and Jim helped pull him out..

5 Animals With Superpowers.5 Animals with Superpowers. These animals all have their own impressive superpowers. These super heroes of the animal kingdom will make your jaw drop! 5..

First Goat Birth - Camelot Hills.On February 18, 2015 at 130pm we welcomed into this world this young doeling Its a Girl!, named Camelot Hills Willow. She is a registered American Alpine,..

Is This Strange Looking Dam In Italy?.The Cingino Dam is a gravity masonry dam located 7 kilometres southwest of Antrona Schieranco, Province of VerbanoCusioOssola in Piedmont, Italy..

Alpine Goats/Alpske Koze.Alpine Goats In Nature..

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